14 Dec 2017

Musical Instrument related manufacturers

Back in 2002/03, I remember seeing a detail manufacturer list in Harmony Central(the old one).
This post will be link to the top cross column. Expect list to grow with editing from time to time.
Non-clickable means the company is either dead,temporary shelved or to be updated.  Since lot of manufacturer had diversified into other product offerings too I will try my best to properly categorised each maker according to their known core(past or present) business repertoire.

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12 Dec 2017

Every Floyd Rose Special has six thorns.

I think the Floyd Rose Special deserve a dedicated post aside from its random mentions in some of my past entry. It’s becoming apparent that this double trouble tremolo is equip in guitars ranging from MYR1000+ to beyond MYR3000+ now. All visitors/readers are considered friends to this blog but I have to apologise as it is impossible to list each and every model with FRS here. Suffice for us to aware of the culprit's facial description and its unreliable behaviour.

Below are several possible reasons for the Floyd Rose successful existence.

  • Proprietary research,development and production had proven to be expensive for some guitar makers after taking into account how wavy the guitar market for its mostly will associate with who's using it rather why or what else is out there. *In this paragraph,I couldn't put exactly what's on my mind in proper writing.I hope some of you would get it. I know I don't.
  • Safety in numbers. If that guy is putting that in their guitars then so will we. Which is why the Floyd Rose Special are everywhere as will be the parts. 
  • Pattern infringement. It's impossible to reinvent a double locking system without infringing Floyd Rose 3 key design (nut lock, saddle lock and fine tuning). I don't know how Ibanez got away with this. Perhaps Ibanez and Floyd Rose had signed a non-aggression treaty towards each other with a right to innovate clause plus Ibanez will not officially endorse/sell/rent their proprietary to any guitar company. I could be wrong.
  • Indoctrination - They sell and continue to sell, while we buy and continue to buy. Do not wake up, just repeat.

Below several are reason why I think, yes that's right manufacturers, I THINK with my BRAIN. I'm basing it from my own experience together with two more honest and credible end user source. They are  kucinghijau.blogspot and theguitaraddict.blogspot.

·         The saddle is made of a non-hardened cheap cast iron. 

·         Frequent string changes induces stress and fatigue on the saddle(s) to slowly/quickly crack.

·         Wrong angle during insertion while fastening the insert locking screw will eventually ruin the thread in the saddle.

I can’t help but to wonder too about the two pivot point on the Floyd Rose Special. May we ask if those were not hardened too? He he.

Good replacement over the Floyd Rose Special would be Schaller and Gotoh
Or a certain brand that spot the Edge Zero II

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